Real estate plays a critical role in the economic and environmental health and well being of businesses and their communities.

When we created this company, our dream was to develop a simple and effective set of services based on our years of experience that would truly assist developments of all sizes and make a difference in not only their lives, but the life of their whole ci


Dr. Abdul Jabbar Ranjha

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What We Do

We care very deeply about the services we provide. While quality and a commitment to results are at the core of everything we do, we never overlook what really matters, the respect and trust of our partners. We do far more than just improve real estate. We don’t stop until you reach your dreams.



whether you’re a first time homeowner with a growing family or a seasoned real estate investor we can help you buy property. Let us do the hard work of combing through the listings and find that perfect property at the right price. Just let us know what you want or need and we will go out and get it.



Our team deals with all types of property. We specialize in people who are new to renting property and have no idea how the process works. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a palatial mansion or starter home our team will help you navigate this challenge with ease.



if you’re struggling to sell your house now is the time to quit worrying. Most real estate agents know almost nothing about selling. We’re different, our team is highly skilled when it comes to selling houses. We can sell even the most difficult properties which have sat on the market for months or years. With us your property will be sold in almost no time at all. Not only that, we can secure the price you want instead of the one you’re forced to accept.


Ranjha Marketing | Real Estate Services Need help with real estate? Buying or Selling Real Estate can Give you a Heart Attack but it Doesn’t Have to be That way! Let our dedicated agents do the heavy lifting while you sit back and relax…


We offer local custom service to meet your individual needs, and the needs of your property. We know how business works in Pakistan and the US, and our support can be reached whenever needed.

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Ranjha Marketing is willing to assist you with all types of real estate services including Residential, Commercial, Projects and Development. Ranjha Marketing is proud to serve our Real Estate Partners.